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Video Transcript

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– Hey, guys, welcome back. So today, as promised, we are discussing how to adapt to current changes and challenges that are happening in the world right now and how to make sure that your online business is continuing to be thriving. Now, I know there is lots of fear, lots of panic in the world, and guys, trust me, I’ve been getting so many questions already, like, “Oh my god, Silvia, you know, is this time, “is this a good time to be online “or shall I just shut down my online business, “and run away and kind of hide “in a hole and hermit myself?” No, that’s definitely not the case. Is it a good time to be online? Yes, 100%. 100%, guys, it has never, never, never ever been better time to be online, to run an e-commerce business, to really get into the game, scale and keep going. Okay, so our first message, I really want you to know that it’s never ever been better time to be online and have an online business so you are in the right place. And now, we’re gonna go through what the opportunity is, and obviously what you need to do to adapt to the changes and challenges. So guys, first of all, I just want to acknowledge the situation that the world is in right now. Obviously, we want everybody to keep safe, to keep healthy, to make sure that their loved ones are all right, and that they are spending quality time together. So, I don’t want to discount anything that’s been happening in the world and I want you to know that I’m really acknowledging and taking it seriously. So, you know, when we’re talking about opportunities, we of course, are not talking about, about seizing opportunities when people are unwell. Definitely not. I just want to kind of stress that I obviously am completely aware and acknowledge what’s happening in the world. But at the same time, this could end up being one of the biggest opportunities in your lifetime if not the biggest opportunity that you’ll ever face with your business. So, let’s talk about the details. So first of all, obviously I just want you guys to know what we’re doing today. So we talking about the opportunities or the opportunity that’s currently on the market right now and second, we’re gonna talk about what do you need to do. What you need to do to adapt to that. So, guys, I just want you to know that whilst the world is facing a huge crisis and there is lots of panic and fear in the world, I really also want you to remember historically and understand that the world and humanity has gone through bigger crises in the world before and that humanity has gotten through it and it will get through this one as well. Now second thing, I want you to remember that everything’s cyclical. Everything’s basically a cycle. Okay, so if you look at world’s economy, or even from micro-economical perspective, it’s always a cycle and whilst it’s on a upwards trend, it’s always a cycle. So I want you to remember that it’s always a cycle and whenever we face kind of the decline or the bottom of the cycle, that’s when we see a record number of new multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires rising to the top. I want you to remember that it’s not in times where everybody is doing well, but it’s in times of crises and when worlds is panicking and fearing and when world is changing, facing challenges, it’s then when really, the next generation of wealth rises to the top. So I want you to remember guys, because this really, what’s happening in the world right now, this really could be one of the biggest opportunities you’ll have with your business or in your life, perhaps for some of you, even in your lifetime. So I want you to remember that. Now, I also want you guys to understand that since the last downturn in economy, which was last time 2008, 2009, markets have been growing and the world has been kind of rising, up, up, up, up, up. And one of the biggest, one of the biggest disruptors have been new technologies and part of it has also been online shopping and e-commerce. So I want you to, guys, remember, that already past few years, your regular retail or regular shopping or what used to be regular shopping, already those companies have been quite volatile. Lots of these companies are quite large companies, and they’ve already been heavily disrupted with e-commerce, with new technologies and what’s happening in online marketing, okay. So I just want you to know that they have not adapted just yet. Now, with, obviously a major standstill coming to the mix with obviously people staying at home, not going anywhere, people having quarantines, being afraid of going out. That industry is being hit even harder than before. So, the reason why I’m saying that is because, again, this is your opportunity to shine. People will be shopping online more than ever before. So that’s your opportunity. There is gonna be even the skeptics will be jumping in online, shopping more than ever before. Even those people who’ve never shopped online before. And again, I don’t have a crystal ball, but this is my opinion and therefore I think that’s really one of the biggest opportunities to be in business, to get into the business and to scale up your business. Now also remember that in that opportunity, is obviously that new online marketing mix, which large and your historically traditional retail companies, they haven’t quite did just yet, they haven’t quite mastered online marketing yet, they haven’t quite mastered Facebook, or Google, or Instagram or even email marketing. And so I want you to remember that all of that is your major, major opportunity and on top of that, obviously, the fact that you are running a small business, you don’t have a large overhead, you can adapt literally within an hour whilst larger organizations take lots of time, they have lots of employees who they need to pay whether they are open or closed. And it’s a huge machine where a message from the top is taking a long, long, long time to get to the bottom. So I want you, really guys, to remember that now is the major opportunity to be in business or get into online business. What you need to do, however, with your business, and I want you guys to really take this seriously because whilst this is the time to be online, I really want you to understand what the changes are in the market, and observe them as obviously they’re gonna keep changing over time. And I really want you to do that to make sure that you really seize that opportunity that’s coming up. So first of all, one of the things you absolutely need to do, all of you guys, absolutely, 100% need to do. You need to make sure, you need to make sure that you stay relevant. You need to make sure you stay relevant. Now what do I mean by that? When I say relevant, I’m really referring to your irresistible offer or basically how you position your product and how you package them. Your irresistible offer. Now, why am I saying that? When we’re in a growing market and when everything is going well, and people have lots of money and all this other stuff, we’ve got emotions like wants coming into play, then we have all of those things that are really nice to have. Now, once we are, once humanity is kind of facing a situation just like it’s facing at the moment, there is lots of panic on the markets, there is lots of fear, and people are consumers, particularly care about staying safe, staying healthy. Okay? So what I want you to, guys, to remember is that you need to stay relevant and your irresistible offers needs to stay relevant. So while we don’t want to play on people’s fears, definitely not. That’s one technique I do not recommend, we never want to play on people’s fears. But what we want to do, we want to provide the antidote to that. The antidote. So we need to make sure that we remain relevant, but that your irresistible offer, offers some sort of antidote to what’s happening right now. So, is it something that can make them happier, that can make them healthier, that can protect their family, make them feel safe? How can you adapt the same product, the same bundle, the same service that you have, but how can you adapt it slightly, to make sure that you remain irresistible and you address, you provide that antidote to people panicking, people feeling fear, people worrying about their health, people worrying about their family, about their loved ones and so and so forth? So, first of all, you need to make sure that you stay relevant. And even this morning, actually, I spoke with one of my wonderful students from the community and he is selling a product that just three weeks ago, or even a couple of months ago, would have been a perfect product in the health and beauty market. Now, the way he used to position that product, might not work right now but it’s a unique product that he can actually adapt to make sure that people stay safe, they stay healthy, and so and so forth. So I hope you are with me. I hope you really understand how we can have the same product, that does the same thing, but if we turn around the marketing and turn around the angle and really understand or really ask ourself the question, “How can this product help people in need right now?” We get into our irresistible offer and we make sure that we are keeping relevance. Okay? As long as we are relevant, the sales will keep coming. And probably more and more and more than ever before. Okay. Now, second thing I want you to, guys, remember is that in times like this, when the world comes a little bit at a standstill and when we see some businesses much struggle, what’s gonna help you to really seize the opportunity is to actually be able to lead with your offering and service. So we want you to be leading with your service and solution and be willing to go where your competitors are not willing to go. So, leads with service and solutions. Now, what does this mean? So this also requires little bit of brainstorming or, you know, innovation thinking from your side. If you like, each and every one of you in my community is 100% capable of that, and basically what you want to start asking yourself is in my niche, or if you don’t have a niche yet, you know, this will give you a good idea, but also, in my niche or just in general: What’s currently missing on the market? What’s missing and what is it that people really want and what is it that people really need that they can’t get right now? So, what’s missing, what is it that they really, really want right now, and what is it that they really need right now and perhaps where is it where your competitors aren’t willing to go to? And then, another thing which, of course, combine with relevance, always, always sells really well, is if you can make people love and lead with humor even in tough times. So, you just want to remember that, but mainly you want to lead with service and solutions, where your competitors aren’t willing to go. So, what is it that is missing? What is it that people really want and can’t get in stores? Or maybe cannot go into stores. Is there perhaps any new products that didn’t used to be on the market, but you can quickly develop? Or is there perhaps a product that you have in stock or in mind or you have a supplier and now you have a new application of that, which goes back to that relevance. So is there something where you can go to that little edgy, I would say, innovative spot where your competitors aren’t going or are perhaps too slow to go to? So lead with service and solution. Third point that I want you to take from today is make sure you revisit your customer avatar. So, revisit your customer avatar. Now, guys, what do I mean by that? Okay, so all of you have some sort of customer avatar, and those of you who’ve been in my community for a while, I know that you guys have done lots and lots of work on understanding who is your customer avatar, who is your ideal customer, what are their wants, what are their needs. Now, with the new product or angles that you currently have, can you start marketing to a new group, for example? Now why am I saying that? With more people staying at home, with more people shopping online, is your audience getting broader and broader and broader? That could be the case. Or is, perhaps, your avatar shifting slightly because you’ve got new angle and you’ve got new irresistible offer, and perhaps that avatar that has done really well for you in the past, could still be doing well, but there could be a new huge opportunity in a broader market to really seize the day and seize the opportunity with your business. So the third point I really want you to, guys, know is that it’s very important for you to maximize the opportunity to really revisit your customer avatar and start asking yourself, “Is there, perhaps, a broader audience or a new audience?” If I was servicing women who are worried about their wrinkles before, can I now service all women full stop or women with children, or perhaps everybody who is in working age? So I want you to kind of start thinking about your relevant message, and providing something that’s missing on the market. Is there a broader audience that you can offer this to? And now, those of you who work with me very closely, already know what I’m about to say, is this, of course, refers to your target audience is when you’re targeting people through social media. So instead of going narrow, is there perhaps a really, really big opportunity for you to start broadening this up? So guys, that much for today. So just remember we want everybody to stay safe, stay healthy and obviously live happily, ever after with their families. Humanity has gone through worse crises before, it will get through this one as well. And I obviously wish all of you guys and your families and everybody around the world to be healthy, safe and prosperous. But if you are wondering if you should stop or pause your online business, then absolutely, I would say, “Definitely do not do that “because, guys, now is the time to be online.” Now is the time to double-down because this is the best time to be online, it’s time to double-down because it’s never been better time to be online. So, let’s go.


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