People ask me all the time what does it take to make their Shopify store a success. 

“How do I get to 6-7 Figures?” People ask me…

“And Is it even possible for a regular Joe like me?” Some of them often add fearing that to be able to make money one needs to be born rich…

“What is the secret ingredients??!” One of my students asked me recently… 

And the discussion with her inspired me during one of my recent hikes through European mountains that I recorded this video revealing the #1 Secret To Make It Work In eCommerce And 10x Your Business.

I’m on a mission to help you crush eCommerce! Because frankly… you deserve it….
But… I need you to master this #1 secret that really, is no secret at all
Let’s go!
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Video Transcript

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Hey guys, I’m right now in the middle of the mountains in central Europe, in Slovakia. Look at those beautiful, beautiful peaks around me. I’ll show you an amazing freshwater drinking water lake just here anyways. You can see most probably the sound is going to be terrible because I do not even have a microphone here. I was definitely not planning on making this video. But while walking up I, well really walking up the hills and, and putting in the hard work and you know, struggling along the way. I had a few thoughts that I thought I really, really want to share with you. You know building a successful ecommerce business is very similar to climbing these mountains. You know, those peaks that you can see, you know, you can’t just get straight from the car park to the peaks, you know, there are stages you need to go through.

The same with us. You know, it took us like almost four hours just to get to this point. And let me tell you, it’s been really hard. It’s been really hard. My legs are sore and my whole body is sore. Now. We got relatively mid strength rain, there was heavy rain before. And so, you know, it’s the same with your ecommerce business. You know, you can’t just go straight from the bottom to making 30, 50, 100 grand a month. It just doesn’t work that way. You know, there’s stages, steps you need to go through. You know, you need to be ready to take those steps. You need to make sure that you are safe and you of course need to be ready to put in the work. So it’s like climbing these mountains, you know a mentor is like a guide.

You know, I can point you in the right direction, I can show you the way I can make sure that you’re going forward, that you don’t get lost. Make sure that you are not going backwards, that you are moving forward, but you need to be able to put in the work. You need to be willing to put in the work and you need to be ready to go through those small stages. And every stage you come into, there is a new challenge that pops up. Just like here, you know, it was a beautiful clear day. Then it started heavy raining and that, and the further up we’re climbing, the harder it’s getting. It’s not getting any easier. Let me tell you, it’s getting harder. And so of course the reward is amazing once you get there. And of course it’s extremely achievable to get there.

But you need to be willing to put in the work you need to do the heavy lifting and be ready to, to go step by step by step and reached those milestones along the way. Be willing to first of all make your first sale. Even having, if you haven’t yet made your first sale, then do not expect in the next month to be turning over a hundred grand a month. If you are already passed this stage, you are making few thousand a month you want to make sure that you are ready and you’re making them consistently and then going to the next step. And then from 10, you want to go to 20, 50, and a hundred and so on and so forth. But I just really, really wanted to share this with you because recently I’ve met quite a few people who basically gave up. They gave up on their dreams and hopes and they gave up on their business purely because they thought that somebody else is gonna do all of this for them.

So it’s not how it works, right? You definitely can get a guide that shows you the path, make sure that you walk in the right direction, that you are not kind of walking backwards or running around in circles, but you need to be the one walking. Nobody is going to be carrying you on the back. Right? And this is what I want to share with you in these beautiful mountains because it’s the same and you know, and as soon as you reach your first goal, you see the next peak and then you climb the next peak and then you realize that there is an even higher peak. Behind that. And of course there is there is a new challenge coming with that. So the rewards getting up here is amazing. And you know, once you get up there, the reward is even even greater.

But the question is, are you willing to put in the work because you know, really success of your business, as much as somebody can show you the path, the success, it’s up to you. It’s up to you. Are you willing? Are you willing to put in the work? Do you really have what it takes? Are you willing to just get little bit more mentally tougher and make sure that you stick to the plan? You stick to the path and you just keep going because that’s what it’s all about. And it’s not necessarily the smartest and the richest that get to the top, but it’s the ones that don’t give up and keep going. So with that, guys, enjoy the view just like I’ve been and I’ll talk to you later. Bye.


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